Thursday, 5 January 2012

Asp.Net Introduction

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Written By:-Isha Malhotra  
                                     Asp.Net Introduction

Ques:-1 What is Asp.Net? is a technology which provides features to develop a web application, console application and a mobile application.

Ques:-2 Compilation of Asp.Net code
Asp.Net code whether compiled or interpreted? application code always compiled. In fact it’s impossible to execute C# code or visual basic code(any language you used) without compilation.
First of all C# code or any other language code compiled into MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Lanugate) or IL.
After that these MSIL code compiled into native machine code by JIT(Just in time) compilation and after that it executes.

Ques:-3 What is JIT Compiler
Ans:-Jit (just in time) compiler compiles only those codes which are responsible for execting a particular user requests at a particular time. Which means if something is never needed it will never compile down to the native code.